Karlık Cave Suite



Karlık Cave Suite, is the hotel on the slope of Uçhisar castle that is the pearl of Kapadaokya region where you can enjoy the magical landscape of Güvercinlik valley and Mount Erciyes.  Having opened its doors after restoring few mansions by preserving their historical and cultural structure, Karlık Cave suite consists of 17 rooms including cave type and stone houses, hall for multipurposes, breakfast hall and viewing terrace.

 Abdullah Şen (president of the Board of Karlık Tourism Co.) started to operate in  tourism firstly by investing in Uçhisar region in 1999. After that in 2003, opened his main venue named Karlık house Boutique Hotel, Şen decided to uplift the region in cultural and artistic way, he also made project that targets  to preserve the valuable heritage in the region. Since the opening, the hotel hosted over 800 painters and artists to contribute cultural acitivities in the region  under the name 'Kapadokya international Art Camp'. In 2016, Yaren Cave Boutique hotel was opened in different concept.

By 1st of April 2020, after experiences and knowledge earned and still being earned in tourism area, Karlık cave Suite was opened for the service of the guests.